I recently posted these photos of Jules Sarinana and her floral patch jeans by Paige.

These floral patches are a HUGE trend right now. You can't walk into any store without seeing flower patches on jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, hats... even shoes.
So I took a crack at it and made my own!! My entire look was under $70 I've linked all the items you need below to make these yourself! 
You can use fabric glue or hand sew, either method will work. 
If you are going to glue, I recommend laying your patch in the desired spot and then folding back the top half and applying glue. Then lay it back down and then fold up the bottom half and do the same. This way you will apply it exactly where you wanted it. 


  1. I love this look. My manicurist had on a pair of jeans yesterday with the appliques. I was admiring them, and know she probably paid a lot for them. I am 75 yrs old, do you think I could rock them? She is 64 and looked good on her. ❤ oh, you have an adorable family, don't ever feel guilty for something that you have to do.

    1. Of course you could rock them!! I think people can wear whatever they want, regardless of age but it's just personal preference and style. If you're still worried then maybe apply the patches somewhere else.... the ankle?

  2. This is really unique style of jeans and you look magnificent in it. Your style always inspires me to try different with my clothing and get rid of boring dresses. I appreciated your dressing sense and clothing ideas for women's fashion.

    Thanks for sharing!


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