Mom Guilt... yes or no?

One of the questions I get asked the most is
"Do you feel guilty when you're working and away from your kids?"
In fact, I get the question so much that I started to second guess my answer.

Because for me the answer has always been a resounding NO. I feel NO guilt. None.

I feel a tremendous amount of fulfillment and satisfaction when I'm working and I have always been that way. I ALSO get fulfillment from my relationships with my husband and friends, and my bond with my children.
In my mind, they all exist together to make me feel whole.

Women tend to judge one another so harshly, we like to believe that we don't... but we do.
We look at someone in a similar situation as us, who chooses to behave completely different than we would and we say "ugh I would never do that."
It's subtle and usually said in our own minds, not out loud, but as women we pick up on it...we feel it.

I grew up with live-in help because my parents both worked and I loved her like a second mom. It was an amazing bonus relationship that me and my siblings were privileged enough to have.
So I didn't think twice about getting help when Conor was born. And my kids are IN LOVE with Ana. She is amazing and they are so lucky to have her. But her bond with them doesn't lessen mind.

I look at these pictures below and I know that we are close, that we are bonded and that my time at work doesn't threaten that connection.

So no, I don't feel guilty but I do feel judged for not feeling guilty.
What abut you? I'm eager to hear your thoughts! Am I alone?


  1. No I never felt guilty but sometimes I feel friends tried to make me feel that way. I worked nights my husband worked days so we didn't have to hire any one or need outside help, but I can say this it didn't have a bad impact on my children cause they are around all the time along with the grandkids so I guess we did something right.

    1. Love that! Thank you for sharing :)

    2. Speaking for myself only, I think I was a better mother when I worked outside of the home. I was financially fortunate enough to have the choice and working made me a much better mom.

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